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Realistic Hand Wall Hook | Hand Sculpture Wall Art | Hand Display | Artist-Made

Realistic Hand Wall Hook | Hand Sculpture Wall Art | Hand Display | Artist-Made

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*PLEASE NOTE: Hands are custom-made and may take up to 10 business days to cast, dry, and finish. Shipping times estimated by the shop will be inaccurate. You will receive tracking information when your hand ships. Thank you for your patience <3

Hand sculptures are all the right hand, so if you order two, they will be identical. 🖤


Hand wall hook with true-to-life detail. Not 3D printed! Live casted replica of the artist's right hand. These spooky wall sculptures are great for displaying jewlery, dried flowers, and more.

Each hand is made to order with your desired paint and nail length.

Made of a non-toxic and high detail casting material. Each hand weighs roughly two pounds and attaches to the wall with a keyhole hanger. A drywall screw is provided with the order. Just put the screw in the wall and slide the hand over it. Hand will be fragile (think sturdy pottery). 

Can hold up to 1 pound in the palm or up to 0.25 pounds on each finger.

If you would like anything customized, please send me a message.

* A note about Black 3.0: Black 3.0 is one of the worlds darkest black paints. It absorbs almost all light, giving it a "black hole" appearance. This paint cannot be sealed without ruining the ultra-dark look. Please ensure to place these hands in a dry environment (not in a bathroom) and use the hands minimally as the paint scratches easily. Oily hands may leave a residue on the paint. They are painted with regular black paint underneath, so in the case of any Black 3.0 scratching off, normal black paint is underneath it (it will just be slightly glossier). You will be given a small container of touch-up paint with your order.

Thanks for looking at my shop!


Shipped with USPS priority shipping. Packaging will be reclaimed if available.

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